Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry finds joy supporting effective, egalitarian organizing in service of human and planetary needs. He believes we can work together with shared meaning and purpose towards a vision of a world-wide cooperative economy that is inclusive and regenerative.
Jerry does coaches and consults for individual and organizational development in the areas of governance, decision-making, and communication skills. He is a CNVC-certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and founder of New England NVC. He has taught sociocracy since 2006. He was certified as a consultant by The Sociocracy Group in 2013 and by the International Sociocracy Certification Board (ISCB) in 2019. Jerry co-founded Sociocracy For All in 2016 with his life and work partner Ted Rau.
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez was born in Cuba and moved to New York City when he was eight. Jerry describes his life as living on the bridge between middle class and working class, Latino and white, heterosexual and gay, Catholic and atheist/Buddhist. Having observed how class background affects the capacity to dream and the societal impact of wealth concentration, Jerry seeks to bridge connections among all people seeking greater equity. He currently lives with Ted and his family in the sociocratically run 25-year-old Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community.

Member of:

Sociocracy For All
Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community


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