Nathaniel Whitestone

In 1996 I was the youngest cofounder of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas. Got my coaching certification from the Hendricks Institute and my blackbelt in Taekwon Do in 2003. I brought Sociocracy to the UK in 2007 and created the world’s first sociocratic cooperative consultancy in 2010 (DecisionLab). I served on the global management team of The Sociocracy Group from 2011 to 2013. I’ve worked on five continents, supporting leaders in multiple industries, and I’ve learned about what works. Also about what doesn’t. (I’ll tell you horror stories of my stupid mistakes if you ask!)

Want to try: Sociocracy, Agile teams, Lean startup, embodied high-integrity leadership, neighbourhood parliaments? I coach leaders around the world and develop cohousing in the UK. I serve the Great Transition to a society where the new norm is healthy power: power that makes everyone it touches healthier and more powerful.

My clients tell me I work miracles in my facilitation and coaching, but really I just stay present and help people do the simple, difficult work in front of them. My long-term students know: it’s not a real training unless I have a tear in my eye from talking about things that matter.