Gina Price

Co-founder of The Sociocracy Consulting Group, Gina brings beauty, harmony and wisdom when working with schools, communities and businesses. Weaving life experiences as a polar scientist, homeschooling mother and organisation consultant, her practise is well grounded, with a West Australian focus. She is and holds a PhD in atmospheric physics.

Hearing about Sociocracy in 2004 and then experiencing the dissolution of an ecovillage, Gina founded the Australasian Training Circle for Sociocracy. The group fulfilled its aim by bringing a US consultant to Perth (Australia) in 2007, delivering a series of workshops, and attracting interest in a national radio interview with Gerard Endenburg. Visiting Sociocratisch Centrum in the Netherlands, Gina became a certified Sociocractic Schooling Expert in 2008. She began delivering workshops with a Sydney group wanting to form an ecovillage. Narara Ecovillage is now a vibrant, community-funded, ecovillage of over 200 people in New South Wales.
Gina is Training Director of The Sociocracy Consulting Group (TSCG) which has been offering online and in-person training since 2011, and consulting. Training in the Sociocratic Circle Organisation Method (SCM) is simulation based and implementing is based on the Four Phases of Implementation as practiced and described by Barbara Strauch (also referred to as the Art of Implementation). Gina has guided primary school students in producing a restaurant evening; intentional communities in establishing themselves, and businesses in engaging their employees. Gina works with organisations in the social and environmental sectors, especially those aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.