Barbara Strauch

Barbara Strauch, born 1956 in Linz, Austria, is co-founder of the Austrian Sociocracy Center in 2013, together with Katharina Lechthaler and Florian Bauernfeind. 2013 she was the first Certified Sociocracy Expert CSE in the German-speaking area and started on the bases of what she learned from SCN – Sociocratic Center Netherlands, an education-program for professional Sociocracy Consultants. Because of the success of the “regions-concept” (how to spread Sociocracy to the society) the Sociocracy Center expanded to Switzerland and Germany. Barbara Strauch started also in Greece with a group of ten people the CSE-education-program. 2019 they have founding the Greece Sociocracy Center. From 2016 till today (2019) more then 60 people have got a diploma in Sociocratic Facilitation, and every year 10 to 12 new persons start with the CSE-education-program. Actually 11 people are certified as Sociocracy Experts – CSE in the German speaking area, and fully working, partly since 2014, as consultants for implementing Sociocracy to hundreds of customer-organizations, companies, schools, hospitals, NGOs, associations and networks. Barbara Strauch is author of the German book “SOCIOCRACY. Circle structures as organizational principle to strengthen the co-responsibility of the individual”, together with Annewiek Reijmer (SCN), Vahlen 2018. With the congress “Sociocracy & Politics” in 2019 in Salzburg, the Sociocracy Center Austria started to establish the Sociocratic governance method also in the field of politics in Austria. , mobile: +43-664-5418618